"Look! I'm a Farmer!"

On a glorious, sunny day a couple weekends ago, Alex and I took my boys tomato picking at a local organic farm. At one point, as my older son dragged his tomato-heavy sack along the path, he exclaimed, "Look! I'm a farmer!". And, if fact, we did all feel a little closer to the earth that day. We had a blast. See for yourself...

Vermont Valley Farm

Purple Basil

They had lime and lemon basil too! All we could pick for free.

Here come some pickers.

Folks making pesto right on the farm.

Carrying heavy bags of tomatoes wears boys out.

All heritage varieties.

The aisles.

I am being shown how the slope of the tomato is the same as the hills around us.

Alex showing us how to pick a ripe tomatillo.


Alex showing my big boy how to find the good ones.

Stunning views.

Little bear loved the goats.

My booty waiting to be canned.

If you have the chance, get to a local farm that has pick-your-own days. There is something extremely satisfying about picking large amounts of something to put up for the winter while chatting with your loved-ones and like-minded strangers. 


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