Friday Finds: Cats Take Over The World

As Internet memes go, this first one has it all:
  1. Snark
  2. Consistently funny (and updated) content
  3. A loyal following
  4. Cats (well, one cat and a dog)
This is Colonel Meow:

Fear the Colonel

Colonel Meow loves Scotch

He will steal your soul

Meow and his trusty minion, Boots
Go visit Colonel Meow on Facebook to learn all about his plans for world domination. I recommend going straight to the "photos" tab and just scrolling through the slideshow. Don't forget to read the captions because that's the funniest part.

For Part Deux of our Cat-Meme Themed post, please to enjoy Henri Le Chat Noir, the existentialist French cat for whom the entire world is a struggle because no one understands him:

These are just the first three of the Henri films. I highly recommend a visit to YouTube to see the rest. Enjoy!

- Alex

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