The House of Spirits and Whispers

It is dark and spooky out today here in Madison. So instead of writing about my weekend craftiness, I am going to tell you about a book I just finished, because it is spooky too.

The House of Spirits and Whispers by Annie Wilder

This is the true story of a single mom living on the Wisconsin-Minnesota border who bought a house and discovered pretty quickly that it was haunted. What makes this book different from most "Amityville" type of books is that it is actually a pretty sweet haunting. I don't want to give too much of the story away, but the ghosts who inhabit the house are former owners/tenants who love the house as much as she does.

Sure it's unsettling to hear banging on the walls at night or see apparitions in your bedroom doorway, but she tries to understand what is going on instead of running from it. Through research and some work with psychic mediums she starts to put together the cast of invisible characters trying to get her attention.

I give this book a thumbs-up. Its a super-fun story told by a woman I think most of us can relate to. (She's a practical Midwesterner after all!) Here is a video clip of her being interviewed about her haunted house:

Get into the spirit of the Halloween season! Go pick up a copy of The House of Spirits and Whispers and get your creepy on.


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