A day late and a dollar short.

Hi everyone. I meant to post yesterday but it's been a weird week. Kids ate salmonella tainted granola bars (I'll let you guess what that means), Alex is leaving me to go to Company Y (or as I say "Company Why Why Why??!"), and I've been so sleepy for some reason I need to go to bed at 8:30 every night.

Oh, but there have been lots of bright spots. Like the box of yarn that arrived from Knit Picks for the holiday sweaters for the boys that I wasn't going to make because I am simplifying my life. I know...I know...

Old man sweaters for little boys!

Now that I am done with all the pieced blocks, I've begun the embroidery/applique panels for the big quilt. There is nothing better than working on embroidery to make someone feel happy. Seriously. It works even better than knitting on me.

Block 1 of 6 is 80% finished...

And what do you do when you already have a lot of crafty projects going? Start sewing little pajamas! I have the pattern pieces cut out and hopefully this weekend I will get them all sewn up.

Oliver & S "Bedtime Story" pattern.

And then there is this lingering design project. The good thing is that it resides on the needles that I need to start the boys sweaters! It's the perfect reason to finish this up quickly and cast on for the holidays. Now that the weather is turning cold, my hands have actually been itching to hold some knitting needles.

Shhh...this is the secret project in my bag.

And then I've been cooking. Fall always makes me want to try new recipes. Do you like Broccoli-Cheddar Cream Soup? This recipe was most excellent. I did however add shredded carrot and black pepper to mine. Plus I used a vegetarian stock as opposed to chicken. The next time I make it I am not going to add the 1tsp of salt because it really didn't need it with the saltiness of the cheese.

Lots of irons in the fire. Again, "Mighty Distractible" isn't just a cute name! But hopefully these will turn into finished objects soon...


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