Friday Finds: Gratitude Trees

Today's find is more of and "idea". If you're anything like me, you are always looking for thoughtful ways to celebrate the seasons. That's why I was really excited when I ran across some ideas for a gratitude tree. A perfect post-Halloween and pre-Thanksgiving way to engage my family in a project that is both creative and positive.

Photo courtesy of Decor Chick!
The idea is to make a tree indoors, adding leaves with thoughts about things you are thankful for right now. For example, I might put up a leaf today that says "Getting to have lunch with Alex". How and when you put the leaves up can be personalized to fit your family dynamic. At our house, I think we might add a leaf for everyone in the family at dinnertime. We can all talk about what we are thankful for during our meal and then add our leaves to the tree after plates are cleared.

Photo courtesy of nannygoat.
Then, on Thanksgiving we can read through what we are grateful for. Lovely.

You can make the tree out of fallen branches from outside (I love the idea of having the kids actually gather them), paper, cloth, paper maché, etc. The leaves can be anything you can write on and attach. Whatever floats your boat. Pinterest is full of ideas. Just search "Thankfulness Tree".

So, now you know what I am up to this weekend!


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