Soup's On! Winter Edition

Over the last couple of years, we've posted a lot of recipes and some of our favorites get revisited - over and over.

The first year we were blogging, I posted two of my favorite winter soup recipes in a post called "Soup's On!" This post reveals my all-time favorite winter soup which has affectionately become known as Three Bean Soup. It also contains a good, basic summer squash and tomato soup that is easy, filling, and super-comforting.

In our second year of blogging, I reposted that original "Soup's On!" post because, in my opinion, everyone needs to try Three Bean Soup.

Addtionally, last year, I posted my great-grandmother's lentil soup recipe which is a standard in my household - both for its healt benefits, its flavor, and for the sentiment it brings to my table. I miss my Nonna.

And, finally, one of my favorite recipes is a White Bean Stew that we developed specifically for a Hoodoo Cookbook. That was fun.

So here is this fall's re-post of these favorite soup recipes. I hope you enjoy them!

Buon Appetito!

- Alex

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