Handmade Holidays

I love handmade gifts. I love to make them - and to make them perfect for the person receiving the item. I love to give them because I'm very prideful of my work. And I love to receive them and see other people's work.

Last year's holiday scarf for my niece

In that spirit, we're going to feature a number of our tutorials in the Mighty Distractible sidebar during the holiday season. Hopefully, this will inspire you to make gifts for the people on your list. As Cassandra is fond of saying whenever we knit a gift, "Every stitch is knit with love".  Of course, she's usually saying it sarcastically while knitting something problematic but there is a smidge of truth to it regardless.

Also, today's post contains links to a number of my favorite holiday craft resources. I found some great ideas around the web and really wanted to share them.

Happy holiday season - regardless of which one you celebrate. :)

- Alex

Pinterest is always an amazing resource:

Meant as crafts for kids, this is a nice post of Winter Solstice craft ideas - The Crafty Crow

Everythingetsy.com is one of the best online link resources for crafters. Here are just two of my favorite posts:

And, of course, no one does it better than Martha!


  1. Thanks for all these fabulous links .... now if you could only make my day longer. ;D

    1. Kate - I have the SAME problem!! All these great ideas and no real idea of when I'm going to get them done. :) Cassandra and I are dreaming of retirement. LOL!