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Doesn't this post title sound like we are some kind of cult? We should be so lucky!

Alex and I recently realized that over the past 3 years of blogging we have amassed quite a number of free patterns and tutorials. Some of them easily accessible by links in the tabs above, some (unfortunately) a little more hidden. We've come up with a few ideas to make your Mighty Distractible "user experience" a little friendlier...

First we are converting all patterns and tutorials into a pdf format. This way everyone can easily download and store the pdf on their desktop or print out the document on-demand. This is quite a process so keep checking back here as we add more pdfs a bit at a time.

Want to sew a denim maxi? This pdf is for you!

Second, we are making better use of our Mighty Distractible Craftsy and Ravelry accounts. We realize that a lot of our followers are active members on both of those wonderful sites. Follow us on either site to download our patterns and tutorials (more coming every day) and be the first to see new designs as they are released. We are also starting some accounts on other social media outlets for our readers that you will hear about shortly.

Lastly, we are moving things around on our site. Pardon our dust as we do some serious revamping and content shuffling. And we are being faced with the reality that Mighty Distractible is fast outgrowing its current digs. So a move will probably happen at some point soon too. Whew, who knew this blog experience was going to roll into something of a small business?

More patterns, more tutorials, more distractions to come this year. Thanks for being readers, you folks are the reason this whole Mighty Distractible thing is fun for us.


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  1. Have fun with your spring cleaning - always good to refresh things a little ;)