All I have been doing is hand embroidery. My knitting has been set aside for weeks now because of the final push I am doing to get my quilt finished. I have about half a block to embroider before the entire quit top is done. Who's idea was it to add hand-embroidered blocks to this project? I forget.

If you look carefully, you can see my poor Coraline
sweater waiting it's turn in the background.

Wow, it is going to be trippy when this thing is finally quilted and bound. This project has been a big part of my life for a while.  And now I am left with a whole bunch of questions. Things like, what do I do with all this scrap fabric? How can I store it in an organized way? (Any hints on that would be appreciated.)

My pattern is a mess of notes and scribbles.

Every time I finish a big project I'm always a little bit wistful. Mustering the stamina to keep marching on with a long-haul project keeps me in this "make-make-make" mindset, and when it's over, I'm suddenly left a little empty. Even with the next project(s) on my mind.

The quilt top patiently waiting to be quilted.

Speaking of next projects...there is that big boy quilt for my littlest one to design, a mitten pattern idea that's been rolling around in my head, and some other projects Alex and I have been trying to compile into a book for a while now. Gotta be like a shark...always moving forward!


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