Fear of Success

I have a lingering project in my studio. And it's killing me because, as I've said before, I am a start-to-finish girl. How have I suddenly gotten myself into this position?

3 words: Fear of Success

Way back in my art school days I remember a professor diagnosing me with "Fear of Success". It sounded like the most ridiculous thing I'd ever heard. At the time I wanted nothing more than success. Now if he would have said, "Fear of Failure", I would have agreed with that whole-heartedly. So I dismissed those words. And yet, they ended up haunting me for years.

You see, every time I take on a "designed by me" creative project, I stutter at the end. I avoid finishing the last bit of work that needs to be done. For instance, the Woodland Animal embroideries I did for Little Bear's room were all stitched and ready to be framed for a few months before I made myself do it. And once they were done, I sat back...a little shy about the attention they might receive.

I think my professor was telling me to be as creative as I could and let the chips fall where they may. Sometimes those chips fall into the realm of success, and that's part of the creative journey. A single success just unlocks one of the doors on your way. Just one. And there are a million more left to open. Your own personal creative path is a long road that never ends.

It's time to put aside my fears and take care of business. The short-term solution is simple...take a big girl pill and finally finish my first queen sized quilt.

The piecing on the top has been finished, hand-embroidery done, quilt back is sewn, and it even has been to the longarm quilter and back (waving to Stitchlilly right now!). What is left? Just two things. Attaching the binding and hand-quilting the embroidery panels. Everything else will be set aside until this is done.

When this monster is finished I will definitely share my creative process and my inspiration with you. For now, a sneak peek...

This quilt is saying "bind me already!"

Pinwheels, log-cabins and checkerboards playing nice-nice with each other.

There is something about the quilting that just makes all the blocks seem like they belong together.

 Thanks for listening (reading?) to my own personal crazy.



  1. The quilt looks outstanding! And please allow me to commiserate with your personal crazy. :-D

    1. Thanks! Our dream is to have a blog that builds a community of shared-crazy. Welcome to the madhouse :)