Alpha Waves and the Knitting Girl

When Alex and I started this blog, one of our self-imposed rules was to keep it real. Particularly real about how our lives collide with our making. So, here's a chance for me to let you in on a little secret: my corporate work life has been crazy with volume and change lately which has left me rather drained and nervous. Left unchecked, this kind of stress leaves me feeling creatively insecure and depressed. You know what I do at times like this?

Slow, deliberate stitches by hand.

I thank my stars every day I have such meditative outlets in my life. And yes, knitting (and other needlework) truly is meditation. The folks at Lion Brand Yarn and Harvard said so.

a raw edge waiting to be finished = best thing ever
These days, after my littles are tucked into bed, you will find me quietly alone with a project on my lap. For at least an hour. No talking, no thinking. Just me and miles of quilt binding to be sewn or rows of stockinette to be knit. The tension eases out of my mind and body as the soothing alpha waves work their magic. After this alone time, I can talk, think, work, do...happily. How do you like them apples Dr Freud?

How wonderful is it to be able to get into a meditative state and end up with a beautiful finished object at the end of it all? We crafty people have the tiger by the tail I tells ya.

I've recently discovered that hand-quilting does the trick too!


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  1. Yes, I completely agree with you about knitting having a meditative power.

    Stitch by stitch in a quiet place does bring calm.