Friday Finds: Great Yarn Deals

I'm sure that all of you are, at least, passingly familiar with Craftsy - the online community that offers classes in knitting, sewing, and much more.

But did you know that Craftsy sells yarn and fabric? And sometimes at bargain basement prices? HOLY CATS. Look at my recent haul:

This is 20 skeins of Cascade 220 Heather and 2 skeins of Cascade Pure Alpaca (in the most scrumptious colors!) My entire order was $101.55. Seriously. The shipping was free - maybe because I spent over a certain amount, I can't remember. But, regardless, this is insane. My average price per skein was $4.64. For Cascade. And alpaca.

So... you can simply check Craftsy's "shop" tab occassionally for deals or, if you're a Facebook sort of person, you can follow a page called the Knitting Club. They post all the Craftsy deals as they're happening. That's how I found out about the Cascade sale. :)

Have fun shopping!

- Alex

P.S. As of about 3 minutes ago, we are officially PUBLISHED!


  1. First of all...big congratulations on the Publication!

    Now, thank you for introducing me to Craftsy. This introduction might be dangerous ... so many beautiful yarns. Wow.

    Have a great weekend. xo

    1. Thanks Frances! Sorry about the Craftsy introduction. LOL