Size Matters

I've been knitting hats. Lots and lots of hats. It started with the Baby Yoda hat (and kimono) that I made for a friend's new baby. Then, I loved the pattern so much, I made it again for a 1-year old and another for an adult.

One-year-old Yoda. Not too enthusiastic.
Sizing patterns has never really been my strong suit so I went online to try to find a size chart for heads. Unsurprisingly, I found one that I've been using and (so far) it has been wonderfully accurate. Of course, it stands to reason that some people have big or small heads and this won't be perfect for everyone but, if you want a good, average size, it works.

When in doubt, have the person measure their noggin and then you can make it to fit them exactly.

This is where you start. Adjust for fit (like if you want to cover the ears).

Bev's Country Cottage ( has size charts for hats, socks/slippers, sweaters, blankets, and even baby measurements. This is a treasure trove - especially if you like to create your own patterns. The only thing that's missing is an approximate number of stitches to cast on in order to reach the diameter you want. I'm working on capturing that, using average sized yarn (DK/Worsted) and needles (US7-8). Once I have a fairly good list, I'll post it here for download. Or... If anyone already has this, please feel free to put the link to it in our comments section.

I may be hat-girl for a while so I apologize in advance if my crafty pursuits get kind of boring. :)  It's winter and hats seem like a good endeavor.

Knit on!

- Alex

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