Hell in a Handcart

The project was started with such gusto. I sewed the work with such care. I even blogged about it. But..

Oh, I might as well just come out and say it. The Schoolhouse Tunic I was making for myself turned out too small. I measured myself and picked the size that seemed right, and I even cut the pieces out a little larger than needed (to allow for tailoring). As I sewed together the pieces and saw the garment take shape, it became pretty obvious, pretty quickly, that this tunic would be a little too snug.

I spent a couple days just looking at my dress form wearing the top portion of the garment. Feeling sorry for myself. But, in the end, it was my fault. The ladies would tell me no different.

Did I make a muslin? Nope. Will I make one next time? Damn straight. Lesson learned.

I ripped a few seams out to see if I could loosen it up a bit. Nope.
And then it occurred to me, my mom is small. This will fit her, it may even need to be brought in a little. So, it's hers. And I think she'll love it. I'm going to make lemonade here.

After a trip to the store for some muslin...I'll be back in the game. Cocky sewing attitude in check.


PS - I'm sharing this with y'all because I know it looks like this sort of thing doesn't happen to us crafty bloggers. We like to show you the sunshine and often hide the rain. Alex and I think it's important to show some of our fails because it's our way of encouraging you. I fell off the horse, and I'm getting back on. Making doesn't come easily to anyone, no matter how it looks. So never let your challenges stop you from keeping on.

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  1. Thank you for breaking the blogging mold and admitting that even you sometimes make a mistake! Gorgeous fabric though so it's still a bummer (although I'm sure your mom will love it :-)).