It's Done

At least I think it is. Part of me keeps threatening to do some more hand quilting with embroidery floss. But the other part is telling me this thing is so busy that no one will even see it.

 I just love it. And my little bear does too. There was something really sweet about the way he hopped into bed and snuggled up underneath his new quilt as soon as it was done. Makes it all worth it somehow.

This quilt uses earthy tones (as did my previous quilt), but with more of an emphasis on orange/orchre. The blocks included are: log cabins, Dutchman's puzzle, pinwheels, Ana Maria's feather block, a large Dresden plate, and more. All of them were so much fun to make and I'm sure they will be showing up again in my upcoming quilts.

Speaking of upcoming quilts, the next one has begun...


PS - Happy Birthday Alex!


  1. Just beautiful! Happy to hear the little man was happy with it.

  2. It looks awesome! What a lucky little boy!

    - Troy

  3. Oh my gosh! What a lot of work! But it turned out oh-so-beautiful. You should be one proud mama! xo