Hey, listen up people!

It has been a cold, windy week here in Wisconsin. Not being too outdoorsy of a gal, I spend a lot of my time going from house- to car- to work- to car- to home. It makes the time ripe for 2 things in my world - crafting and listening to podcasts.

In lieu of running errands or doing anything that requires being out in the elements for too long, I choose to knit at my desk (or a cafe) at my lunch hour and listen to a podcast or two. And, if it is completely necessary for me to run an errand through this frozen tundra, I can plug my ipod into my car stereo and listen while I'm driving around and waiting for the car to warm up.

Even this bird on my window feeder looks cold as hell.

So, since I've been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, I thought I'd tell you about my knitting top 3.

Cast On by Brenda Dayne
Brenda's show about knitting (and there is also some talk about cooking, dying, designing, sewing, etc.) is produced so beautifully. She obviously puts hours an hours of time into each segment because the show listens like someone is reading to you from a really good magazine. And Brenda's voice... smooth yet expressive. I could happily listen to this woman read the dictionary. Luckily, she just tells stories about her life as an American ex-pat in Wales and reads essays on making and life that always have me riveted.

CraftLit by Heather Ordover
This show is so much fun. Heather spends the first half of the show talking about her life and her crafting (usually very knitting focused), and the second half of the show is her teaching us about the chapter of a classic novel that she plays directly after. She does a wonderful job of introducing the chapters and gives us great insight on the more interesting aspects of the book. Heather is a teacher, and it is really cool the way she teaches to her audience. She knows she's not talking to teens in this podcast, so the things she chooses to point out are always relevant to her very crafty listeners.

Electric Sheep by Hoxton Handmade
Maybe it's because I'm a Midwesterner. I dunno. But man, Hoxton's life in London seems so darn glamorous. She tells us about trips to the Victoria and Albert Museum, biking around the streets of London, the London theatre community, and more, along with her knitting talk. She has this lovely, posh (Mary Poppins like) accent so anything she says sounds so sophisticated. She's witty and clever and a whole lot of fun to listen to. She is also an excellent knitter with very good taste.

Now, I know I promised to share some of my recent sewing adventures with you today... but, you might just have to wait until next week for that. I would like to get a little further along on what I'm doing so that I can give you a more complete view of the projects. But, here is a little peek from one project...

Soon-to-be pocket!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! I intend on hitting the sewing machine pretty hard and sharing it with you... wish me luck!



  1. Hey! Thank you for the shoutout! I'm loving discovering your blog (and often say, "Ooh, Shiny?" myself so it made me giggle) and totally agree on Brenda and Hoxton's voices. Either could read the phone book and I'd be rapt.
    Thank you again!

  2. Yeah Heather! It's a celebrity drop-in! Thanks for dropping by! You know, I should have mentioned your voice too. I can tell you have theater experience. :)

  3. Hello! Thanks so much for the lovely mention, especially in such wonderful company, I feel very honoured! I'm so glad you've been enjoying the show. Although I'm not sure how glamorous I really am, cycling through the London rain and getting drenched!
    Thanks and keep warm!

  4. Oh Hoxton! Thanks for stopping by! I don't care what you say..biking in the rain in London is chic!! :)