You may have noticed that we have been sorta absent from this space this week. Our apologies. Alex has a great excuse. She is on a wonderful ski trip to Winter Park, jealous! She's having a great time and has sent us some pictures:

Alex's view on the drive to her hotel.
Alex has sore legs after a few days of skiing, so this is her on her way to go shopping.
Me, well I don't have such a glamorous excuse. I have had one thing after another pile up on me this week and have had to let a lot of things slide. But, like I had predicted last week, I did do a fair amount of sewing this past weekend.

I started Sesame Street embroidered pillow cases for the boys. The only thing that really kept me from cranking away on these was a trip to the store for some Elmo, Oscar and Cookie Monster colored floss. But here is a peek at the project soon after I started:

The start of the Sesame Street pillowcases.
I also have the pieces cut out for some flannel doggie pajamas for my Finn. He is in definite need of some elastic-waisted pajama pants (hello potty training) so I really have to get a few pairs of these sewn up as soon as possible. Of course, I bought enough flannel for little Bogart to have some too. He's very concerned about "equity" these days!

I love sewing from a pattern.
So, I gotta go, I'm off to work on my sewing projects! Talk to you soon!


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