Love Fades

Happy new year everyone! I hope your celebrations were wonderful.

I was on vacation all last week. The time was spent mostly taking down our holiday decorations, visiting with family and (as much time as I could manage) crafting. I got pretty far on the knitting accessory case that I wrote about here. I am embarrassed to say that what kept me from just finishing it up was a trip to the store for some elastic thread and buttons. Sometimes a girl just doesn't want to leave the house when she has the option of wearing her pajamas all day long.

Unfinished status aside, I am really happy with how it's going thus far. I think I'm going to really like the color choices and fabric textures for years to come. That's one of the problems with things that I make for myself. Sometimes the fabric or yarn that I love, love, love at the time becomes tiresome after a year or so. Recently, I've given this phenomenon a lot of thought. I think that sometimes I get all giddy over busy patterns and bright colors that I forget that my taste will change in time. The "new" me sticks with natural colors and simple patterns. For now ;)

This is where I am at the moment with this project:

Detail of robin embroidery.
Detail of robin's nest.
Pieces all cut out and ready to be seamed up.
After I get the supplies that I need from the store, it should sew up nicely. Hopefully my design will work as well in reality as it does on paper!

The other thing I wanted to tell you about is the knitting project that I got started on this week. I did a lot of research, hemmed and hawed, and then made a decision. I'm not going to reveal the whole enchilada today...but, here is a sneak peek at what I'm working on:

New project on the needles!
Alex's post last Friday about her crafty resolutions has me thinking, I might need to come up with some of my own. So, I'll be working on those as well as my unfinished projects until I talk to you again.

– Cassandra

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