And, the winner is....

Cassandra and I really enjoy this giveaway business. We love looking for interesting new things to review and we love-love sharing the products with you. We take the random-drawing process very seriously because it's important to us to be as fair as possible. Our first effort was a little awkward but we've worked out the kinks and have it down to a science now.

Here's how it works:

1. We place the qualifying names in a special Random Drawing vessel. Each name is on an equal sized piece of paper, with no edges folded (you people who enter raffles know what I'm talking about.)

Seasonally-themed vessel

2. We engage a completely unbiased co-worker at Company X to draw the name.

Suited up and ready to draw a name

We are proud to announce that the winner of the autographed copy of What Would Madame DeFarge Knit? is...

Congratulations, Connie! We'll email you at the address you provided in your comment and you can send us your mailing address. Thank you so much for participating!

Thanks also to everyone who participated. Please let us know if there are any products that you'd like to see us review and giveaway in the future. We'll be back to regular postings next week.

- Alex

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