October could possibly be my favorite month. Changing colors, the smell of burning leaves, warm days with cool breezes, orchard fruits, Halloween...all the trappings of early fall. I also find myself happily spending a lot more time in the kitchen or handcrafting. If I could stay home all day with pots of soup on the stove and knitting needles in my hands, I certainly would!

Snapshots of my recent days...

Apple picking and apple eating.

Yarn in my hands.

Pies with creepy smiley faces.

Guacamole...random, yet delicious.

And, lately it seems like fun ideas of things to make are everywhere I look online. Sadly, I can't do them all, I have lots of irons in the fire these days. This is what has made it on the short-list of things I HAVE to do soon:

1. Tiny Apple Pies
2. Tiny Lasagne (seeing a trend?)
3. Making my own Terrarium
4. Amy Butler Lotus Tunic
5. Cute Floor Cushions

I love all those ideas! And there is so much more on the back-burner. I think I need to stay home and make...


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