I Need Your Opinion

Today Madison is chilly with rain. I love it. This is my weather. Unlike Alex who is jetting off to the sunshine, I am happy to be here. (I am not so anxious to don a bathing suit.) Sure, it could be a little warmer...but the rain hitting the roof is enough for me right now. Next to the window, covered with a quilt, beautiful cup of tea, and my knitting. Maybe a little something spooky on the TV. Heaven.

Good gracious...am I a middle-aged goth or what? Someone intervene if I start smoking clove cigarettes.
This is what I like to see outside.
What am I knitting in my perfect, dreary-day scenario? A new sweater for me of course! But, I have a problem. I have the yarn, and I thought I had picked the perfect pattern...until I got wishy-washy. The yarn I'm talking about is this gorgeous "cilantro heather" worsted wool from Knit Picks. (A holiday gift from my mother.) I was going to make this:

I think this Turpan sweater might look too overwhelming on me.

Until I decided that it was too much. I want something more practical. I've searched Ravelry for weeks. Looking at cardigan after cardigan. Over-thinking to the point of frustration. I am by nature a very decisive decision maker, unless I am picking out a knitting pattern. Then I even annoy myself.

I need help folks. Here are 3 suitable candidates, what do you think? Let me know your favorites.

February Lady Sweater...super-popular on Ravelry

Back to the rain...and the chill...and hopefully (soon) the knitting.



  1. I can see why you would hesitate on the first one - gorgeous but I can't see many people pulling it off! I have quite a few cardigan patterns in my queue, might be something in there you like? I like choice 2 best of the ones you posted :)

  2. Ooh, I really like the crocus sweater. I'm a sucker for stripes, but it's cute all-around!