Friday Finds: Film Petit

The supremely awesome Kristin at the Skirt as a Top blog is hosting a project called Film Petit that will blow your mind with its awesomeness. Here are the details taken directly from her blog:

  • every month or so, Jessica and i (plus a guest blogger) will sew an outfit (or outfits) for our kid (or kids) inspired by a movie we love. our next guest will be shannon from luvinthemommyhood!
  • please feel free to add any of your movie-inspired kid sewing to the film petit flickr group. if you sew along with our film petit choices, we’d love to see that too!
  • this is a pretty relaxed series, really the only rule is to make outfits for kids based on films you love. if you have any questions, please let either of us know.

Words can't do it justice....check this out:

Moonrise Kingdom

Photo courtesy of Skirt as a Top

Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

Photo courtesy of Skirt as a Top


Photo courtesy of Skirt as a Top

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Photo courtesy of Skirt as a Top


Who doesn't love a gal who has her daughter act like a murderous old lady???
Photo courtesy of Skirt as a Top
Um-hm...awesome. And you can play along if you want to, that's the best part. I'm wondering if my boys need to recreate the characters from Raging Bull?



  1. Oh my. These are wonderful! Stella would ADORE that Mrs. Fox costume...