What's rocking my world?

Right now...

: Casting on a sweater for me. Coraline by Ysolda Teague. Yarn is KnitPicks City Tweed in "Romance". Why do I feel so guilty knitting for myself?

: Treasuring the time with my littles. I'm realizing how fast they grow up.

: Finally sewing together the blocks of my quilt. I actually had a moment of panic that it would look too crazy once it was put together because of the variety of color and blocks. But no, it's coming together beautifully. (If I don't say so myself!)

Please excuse the bad camera-phone image. It's all I had at the time :)

: Starting the hand embroidery on the quilt. I decided to sew the blocks together until the quilt top is in quarters, then tackle the hand embroidery. I tried to do it a block at a time but now I've decided that having it sewn together first is easier for me. More posts to come about the handwork in the future.

: I'm finally getting through season 2 of Downton Abby...season 3 here I come!

: My favorite thing in the world to eat is the vegetarian matzo ball soup. My husband and I collaborated on this fantastic recipe. I will share it with you all as soon as I type it up!

No, we really don't need to make this many!

So, what's up with you?



  1. Cassandra, what pattern are you using for that wonderful quilt?

    1. Hi gypsyjolie! My crazy pattern is my own actually. Once it's done I will do a post (it might need a series) showing all the blocks. There are traditional pieced blocks as well as applique/embroidery blocks.