Muffatee, 1838

I have had a lot of "have-to" knitting in the past year and a half. A LOT. It is both a blessing and a curse to design knitting patterns. On one hand it's creative and wonderful, on the other hand it's a ton of knitting, and re-knitting, and re-knitting. Add into that list the holiday sweaters I like to knit for my boys and next thing you know there is no time for selfish knitting.

That being said, the day after Christmas I was blissfully aware of my unusually empty knitting bag. It was time for a "me project" on the needles. Rummaging around in my stash I found an adorable knitting gift that was given to me a while ago. My sweet little cousin Levi bought me a kit to make fingerless mitts from Suzy the Shepardess.

If you go poke around at her site you will see that Suzy is both a knitter and historian. She began her yarn company to create fiber that was appropriate for vintage patterns. I got lost on her site for a while actually.

One of the adorable things about her wool is that the sheep who supplied it is pictured on the yarn band. How cute is that? Levi went out of his way to pick out just the right lamb for my wool, his name was Left Ear. Love! This fiber was gorgeous and knitted up beautifully.

The pattern included in the kit was vintage from a book called The Workwoman's Guide, by A Lady. Um-hm..."A Lady". Originally published in 1838 this book is (in it's own words): instructions to the inexperienced in cutting out and completing those articles of wearing apparel which are usually made at home; also explanations on upholstery, straw-platting, bonnet-making, knitting, etc. Go check this out on Google Books. I know Ma Ingalls had a copy of this on the Prairie. She may have knit these for milking cows...but we can still use them today for typing in cold offices!

I wound up the yarn and knitted these simple little treasures in a day. And then I had a thought. My daughter often complains of how cold it is in the student newspaper office where she works. Ugh. Being the good mommy that I am, I let her have my mitts. I will knit myself another pair...when I get a chance :)



  1. You should make time to knit yourself a pair - they look snuggly and lovely and you deserve handknits!

    1. I'm sure I will! But I was thinking that a ruffled edge might have to be added to the ones I make for me :)