Classic Aran - Take 2

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Four inches were knit on a little Aran sweater, and then the Roomba ate it while no one was home. True story.

Like many other Roomba owners out there, we often let it run when we leave the house for a while. Well, my knitting was sitting in a basket on the floor...and the tail must have been over the edge of the basket. Just over enough for Roomba to grab it like a piranha.

Felted all over the place.
I can't be mad at Roomba, it was just following it's instincts. But I am mourning those hours of knitting gone to waste. So much so, that after I finally decided to pull the needles out of the lifeless knitting, I let it sit on the coffee table for a day before tossing it out. It was tough throwing it in the trash can.

The pattern I've decided to knit for the boy's winter sweaters (notice that I'm not saying "holiday" sweaters...who needs that pressure?) is Mariah by Janet Szabo. A very classic Aran sweater. It had been a  little while since I knit cables and I missed it. I'm still in the early stages with this pattern but it's been easy to follow so far. I think Ms. Szabo knows what she's doing.

I have to make two of these little beauties, so I better stop typing and get to some knitting!

Peace out,



  1. I always knew those Roomba's weren't to be trusted. Jeepers, what a nightmare. (I write this as someone who isn't the most devoted vacuuming activist in any format. eat up your knitting. Not good.

    Moving on ... Aran knitting patterns are so beautiful. I've hung on to a particular sampler specimen I knit way back when...possibly in the late 1960's. Patricia Roberts is a knitwear designer who did all sorts of inventive things with Aran stitches, and I've made a few of her things, too.

    Your lads will be lucky to have these winter sweaters...keep going with the twists and turns, but do keep the Roomba switched off.


    1. Let's just say I'm watching that vacuum out of the corner of my eye from now on!