Friday Finds: A NEW CAR!!!!!

I feel like I need the announcer from The Price Is Right announcing my day today.
Rod Roddy
Or maybe Oprah - "And YOU get a new car!!! And YOU get a new car!!! And YOU get a new car!!! And YOU get a new car!!!"

Today is the day I pick up my new car. I've driven the same car for 10 years and this will be the first car I've ever owned that is brand-spanking new. I think it has four miles on it. I'm only slightly excited (and nervous about having a big old car payment after years of not having one. Bleh.)

I wanted a station wagon and, sadly, they don't make too many for the American market. Audi's and Volvo's are gorgeous but too expensive to keep up. Volkswagon stopped making the Passat wagon and the Jetta wagon is too small for my taste. So I landed on the Subaru Outback. It doesn't look as much like a wagon as it used to - they've jacked up the chassis to give it a lot of ground clearance and they body style is really sporty now. Between the ground clearance and the all-wheel-drive, I'm going to be a winter ninja this year (and for many years to come, I hope).

So,  here's my car - the 2014 Subaru Outback Premium in Tungsten with tan interior. :)

I'm stylin' baby!

- Alex


  1. Your car is quite prestigious looking! No wonder you ended up with “her”. Anyway, how’s the driving feel? I wish you’re not having a hard time handling it.


  2. Ashely - I'm not sure where you go the impression that I was having a hard time handling the car - or in what context. I adore the car. It drives like a dream because it has a long wheel base and all-wheel drive. I would totally recommend the Outback to anyone who's interested in having a wagon/crossover type vehicle.