Coraline Sweater

I've been knittin', kittens!

I just finished up my Coraline sweater. This is the second Ysolda Teague sweater I've knitted and much like the first one...I loved it. Ysolda's patterns are always so well written. She explains possibly complicated techniques in a way that walks you through them with such ease.

Coraline is knit bottom-up and has some lovely details that I haven't encountered on other patterns... 

The bottom band is doubled. It provides a little weight that adds to the drape of the garment.

The bottom of the sleeves are cast-on with an i-cord and then increased quickly. It gives you a beautiful edge and a little "blouse" to the sleeve.

The top is embellished with a little smocking pattern. At first it confused me, but if you can cable, you can smock. Don't let this stop you from tackling this sweater.

The yarn I used was Knit Picks City Tweed DK in the Romance colorway. In retrospect I might have used something solid. I'm not sure the smocking shows off as well as it should with the tweedy texture. But it's not horrible or anything. I actually think I'm going to get a lot of wear out of this sweater partly because of the color.

Do you like the buttons? Not having any luck finding the right ones in my box of vintage ones, I ended up finding these little blue flowers at JoAnne Fabrics. (Why am I always so surprised when I find something perfect at JoAnne's?) I could have gone with a black or red buttons, but for some reason I couldn't resist using an unexpected contrasting color. 

The one thing that I'm not sure about yet are the sewn button loops. It's been warm so I've only tried this sweater on a few times, but I'm concerned that it will come unbuttoned easily once the sewn loops stretch out a bit. Time will tell.

My Coraline was knit at a leisurely pace over the summer. I've now cast-on for some little traditional aran sweaters for the boys that I need to pick up the pace on if they are going to be done by the holidays! Knit on my friends, knit on.


(editor's note: Let's see if Cassandra posts something the week before Christmas about how she's freaking out because the boys sweaters aren't done yet... LOL!   - Alex)

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