Friday Finds: Sal Suds Cleaner

I am a huge fan of Doc Bronner's Magic Soap. It is literally the best thing since sliced bread. Organic, fair-trade, and works up into an amazing lather. Plus you get the added benefit of reading the odd (but yet peace-loving) rantings all over the label.

Then, at the co-op the other day....I saw it on an end cap. Doc Bronner's Sal Suds All Purpose Cleaner! Snapped that bottle up quick as lightening and put it in my cart. I have been using it for a few weeks now, and let me tell ya. I know I am already a fan of the brand, but holy smokes this stuff rocks the house.

All powerful and grease-cutting!
Sal Suds can be diluted into a bucket for floor scrubbing, used straight on a rag for tough spots, and the best thing ever is diluting it with water in a spray bottle. Completely replaced the Method Bathroom Cleaner I had been using. After looking online to compare the two products, I was shocked to see that the Method has 11 mysterious ingredients and Sal Suds has only 6 (3 of which are water, fir-needle oil, and spruce oil). And, it works better!

The 16 oz. bottle I bought cost roughly $10. I have used it many times since purchasing and I have hardly put a dent in it. Another reason to love it....economical!


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