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I'm not sure if ya'll have noticed, but Alex and I haven't really talked about our knitting in a while. We've shared everything from quilt blocks, recipes, and our thoughts on movies or products...but not much in the way of knitting. Although we have been doing A LOT of knitting, there is actually a good reason for the absence of conversation regarding sticks and string here.

The first rule about knitting designers club: you can't talk about your knitting.

As we've mentioned before, we have a design featured in the soon to be released What (Else) Would Madame Defarge Knit and two designs in the upcoming Defarge Does Shakespeare. Interesting designs take time so we haven't been indulging in personal knitting for quite a while. So we have been silent on the subject.

But I have been sneaking in a stitch for me here and there. Shhh. It's our little secret.

Remember a while ago I asked for some feedback on which cardigan to knit for myself? Well, between here and Facebook the result was overwhelmingly The Crocus Cardigan. I actually cast this on sometime in May and have picked it up here and there when I needed a break from designing. Sometimes a girl just wants to produce inches upon inches of stockinette. No thinking, just knitting.

I decided to knit this sweater one size smaller than required from my measurements. This notion was born out of the fact that every time I knit myself a sweater, it always seems too big once it's finished. If it works out, great. If not, my smaller daughter can have it, still great.

I am using Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in a gorgeous green and brown blend called "Cilantro Heather". Not the most expensive yarn in the world...but it's a natural fiber and sure knits up nicely. I'll be curious to see how it wears. The stripes are leftover Nutmeg Madeline Tosh from my Tea Leaves Cardigan. The green and the gold are really pretty together (in a non-Packer way).

Crocus is a top down raglan. The pattern is well written and the construction is easy. This project is not complete but hopefully I will have the sleeves and the button bands done soon. Just in time for fall!

Now remember, this is our secret. :)


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