Crafty Weekend

Last weekend was craft-a-palooza with my cousin and my grandma. The three of us worked hard sewing, supply shopping, and cooking for 3 days. It was so much fun that we already have a time set for our next crafty weekend.

Spending this quality time with Grandma reconnected us in a way that day-long visits just don't accomplish. You see, I grew up in my Grandma's house. My mom worked long hours so it was up to my grandma to take care of me. I tagged along wherever she went, watched her knit and sew, and helped stir the pot at dinnertime. We were like peas and carrots.

My Grandma with Grandpa and my mom and my cousin's dad.

I know what you're thinking....oh, she must have taught you how to knit and sew. Yeah, no. Let me tell you something about my Grandma, she has no patience to formally teach those things. I watched her do them and that is about it. It wasn't until I was in my 20's that I learned those skills from actual teachers in a classroom. It was probably a good thing for keeping the household peace because as I've mentioned before, my mom wasn't a fan of women doing such gender-assigned roles.

This past weekend I was reminded of Grandma's abundant energy. The woman is 87 years old and can go-go-go. She wakes up daily at about 5:30 a.m. and doesn't stop until 11 or so. When my cousin and I were pooped at 10 p.m. on Saturday night, she was grabbing a basket of laundry to fold and telling us to do the next step on our project. We did as we were told, without question. When Grandma is in the house, she is the HBIC. And it somehow feels right.

I know I promised to share with you what we made together during our crafting frenzy but I've changed my mind - and I hope you'll understand why. This Craft-a-palooza wasn't like our previous ones. Normally my cousin and I tackle quick and easy projects. However, when Grandma arrived, she brought a VERY interesting (old and tattered) item she made 40 years ago. So, we ripped it apart to make a pattern. We were so pleased with the final product, I've decided that I want to "formally" release the pattern sometime in the future. I really think it's unique and interesting enough to warrant a little fanfare. So, mum's the word for now!

As I ripped the seams to deconstruct that old project, the precision of my grandma's stitches set me back on my heels. Top stitches were perfectly aligned, every raw edge finished beautifully. And yet, I wouldn't call her a perfectionist...she does her work quickly but with a relaxed ease. She doesn't labor over every stitch like I do, the perfection just seems to flow naturally. I think I still have a lot to learn by watching her.



  1. How awesome! How I would love to be able to watch my grandmother...or even my mom. They are all gone. Treasure your time together and I am positive you are right about learning more and more each day.
    I can't wait until the big reveal!

    1. Thanks Angela! Sorry to hear that your mom and grandma have passed. You're right, it's important to appreciate all the time we have with those special ladies.