Friday Finds: Weapons-Grade Knitting Needles

Granted, we probably don't want to tell the TSA about this if we want to keep our ability to take our knitting on airplanes - which I really, really, really do.* But, ladies and gentlemen, I have found the knitting needles to end all knitting needles. Needles so pointy that no lace-weight fuzzy yarn has a chance. Needles so pointy that, if you really wanted to, you could probably use them as weapons. With head bowed and with infinite respect, I present the best needles ever created...

Knitting Needles from Signature Needle Arts

I'm sure that many of you are saying "Where the hell has SHE been? Living under a rock?" and the answer would be, "In a manner of speaking, yes..."

The thing is, when I find something that works for me, I generally stick with it. I'm not into trying the hot, new thing just to try it. If I have a NEED, that's a different animal, of course.

So, at knitting group a few weeks ago, one of our ranks was knitting socks with these gorgeous needles I'd never seen before. Since they were double-pointed, she was able to hand me one to look at. Now, I'm a wood-needle girl at heart but holy-crap these were the most beautifully weighted, comfortable and pretty needles I'd ever touched, bar none. And, to top it all off, they were SO FREAKIN' POINTY! I couldn't help myself - I kept poking the tips of my fingers with them. On purpose. Because I couldn't believe their pointy-ness.

I may not have been quite so enthusiastic about them except that the current bane of my existence is this mohair scarf I'm working on. I NEED weapons-grade pointy for this thing.

One word of warning for those of you who may be inclined to run right out and buy some on my recommendation. These babies don't come cheap - and rightly so. So, I'm going to start a wish-list on their site and ask all my relatives for gift certificates for Christmas (and maybe my birthday). I'd love to have many, many, many of these - if just for the shear joy of how beautifully they're made. And, of course, the pointy-ness. :)

Oh! I forgot to mention that you can MONOGRAM your needles too. How cool is THAT?

- Alex

* During that period when knitting needles were banned from planes, I had a 7-hour flight to Europe. Let me tell you... I NEVER want to have to fly for that long without my pointy sticks ever again. *shudder*


  1. *sigh* A set of their needles are on my "If I win a million dollars" wish list. It's nice to hear from more people that they're worth every penny.

  2. Vanessa - I know... They are totally on my wish list and, hopefully, at some point, a few sets will be in my arsenal. :)